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Beauty in all it's simplicity

We are a brand that loves life, nature and animals. For this reason, we are against the use of any ingredients that have been tested on animals. To respect and protect each of us, our products contain no paraben or TEA.


LuckyBeauty.com is a pioneer in natural & non-toxic make-up and care ingredients. We work on innovative formulas, textures and pigments to offer the best of natural beauty, with quality and efficacy. Our main ingredient is the PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica, a swiss bio-technological process made from the Uttwiler Spätlauber, an ancient Swiss apple. This active ingredient increases the vitality and the longevity of epidermal stem cells, slowing down their ageing process.

A FEW WORDS FROM THE Lucky Beauty Team

“Our vision was inspired by those we love, emotions, and making people feel their best. We are inspired to always be curious, love life, your work, and take care of your family, friends, and your community We enjoy creating, drawing, being in nature, and inventing new recipes with local products and authentic ingredients.

In 2022, after a few years of the world overcoming the pandemic, we choose to guide our work solely towards creation … That’s how the Lucky Beauty brand was born. We wanted to take care of you, of us, and to accompany you daily in your beauty routine, with an essential moto: we are our choices. We believe the simpler the better and the products we’ve created focus on the essential, easy gestures, warm and reassuring smells and natural ingredients for a true beauty.”

— The Lucky Beauty Team


Lucky Beauty sources inspiration in nature around us as one would when creating a painting: the strength of slate stone, the unequaled purity of mountains, lakes, water, the gentle beauty and softness of sunsets.

But not only… There is also our spirit, its personality, its character. A “savoir-vivre”, a soft balance, a harmony. A human-sized city, cradled by the serenity of the Leman Lake, protected by the majestic Alps and softened by the harmonious landscapes around. But also, a cosmopolitan city, ideally situated at the heart of Europe, mixing the best of Luxury, high-technology and Biotechnologies.

Geneva is the subtle combination of values of authenticity, secular traditions and innovation. These founding values define our DNA. Our goal is to enable every woman to sublimate their natural beauty with high-quality, innovative, elegant products


We were born from this firm conviction: Eyes are the window to the soul. Eyebrows, therefore, which frame your eyes and give balance to the face must sublimate your gaze.

We offer women the necessary resources to achieve an elegant and natural make-up, enabling them to accentuate their natural assets, thus strengthening their self-confidence. For daily make-up to remain a real moment of pleasure, we offer women a range of dedicated formulas and accessories. Easy to use, they help sublimate their beauty through a natural and elegant make-up.

A natural make-up will highlight the face’s assets and focus the attention on the true expression of her inner self.